General Installation Instructions

The packages provided here are regular Solaris Software Packages. They can be installed using pkgadd(1M). To remove them, use pkgrm(1M). Read below for brief instructions on how to install the packages.

You may also want to read the tips on how to setup Solaris for using the packages.

The packages are installed in /opt/guengel by default.

Brief Instructions

  1. Download the package.
  2. Open a terminal.
  3. Inside the terminal, change to the directory where you downloaded the package.
  4. Use bzip2(1) to unzip the package. For instance
    # bzip2 -d <packagename>.pkg.bz2
    Replace <packagename> with the name of the package.
  5. Still inside the terminal, use pkgadd(1M) to add the package to the system. Example:
    # pkgadd -d ./<pkgname>.pkg

Using gglpkg

If you don't want to manually fetch and install the packages, you can use gglpkg. It's a perl script for fetching and installing the packages from this site. You first need to download the gglpkg package. Alternatively, type the following on the command line:

#  pkgadd -d

This will fetch and install gglpkg in /opt/guengel. You may add /opt/guengel/bin to your PATH environment variable. From here onwards, I assume you do that.

After successful installation of gglpkg, you need to fetch the catalog by typing on the command line:

# gglpkg --fetch

To see the list of available packages, issue:

# gglpkg --list

To actually install a package, type for instance

# gglpkg --install emacs

which would fetch and install emacs and dependent packages.

If you first want to see what would happen, use --dry, for instance:

# gglpkg --dry --install emacs

For further information about gglpkg read the man page please. Type:

# man -M /opt/guengel/man gglpkg

Important: gglpkg uses the XML::XPath module. It has to be installed prior running gglpkg. You can use the CPAN perl module to install it by issuing:

# perl -MCPAN -e shell

After setting up CPAN, issue install XML::XPath in the CPAN shell.

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