OpenSolaris Packages

As of 2010-08-21, this service has been discontinued due to server migration.

OpenSolaris features a new packaging system called Image Packaging System (IPS) which provides interaction with a network repository (besides other neat stuff).

Point your browser to to see the packages available. These packages get installed in /opt/guengel, as the SRV4 packages do and as with the SRV4 packages, I am not liable for any damage caused by downloading, installing, and/or running the software or package.

Some of the packages are dependend on packages found in the IPS repository of Refer to this page for the URL of the Sunfreeware IPS repository, and set it as an authority for the pkg(1) command.

Ultra Short Guide to IPS

In order to be able to get the packages from the repository, enter the following commands on your OpenSolaris box:

$ pfexec pkg set-authority -O guengel
$ pfexec pkg refresh

This will add the guengel IPS repository to your current repositories and refreshs the catalogs. To install Emacs, for instance, issue the command

$ pfexec pkg install pkg://guengel/GGLemacs

Refer to the Getting Started With the Image Packaging System for further information about using IPS and the pkg(1) command.

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